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The Crypto Ride Is Just-Now About to Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and strap in, because the crypto show is about to begin!

All the hoopla and talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin having their ’15 minutes of fame’, and the ‘the bubble has burst’, is all garbage.  Yes, you heard me correctly – all garbage, 100% garbage!

There are several reasons for the steep decline that has taken place, further to the steep incline of Bitcoin’s value and other cryptocurrencies at the end of 2018.  I will shed some light on a few of those reasons below.

What Is Happening?!? Gold $1247/oz. BTC $14,788/coin

Is this a bubble? Or is this real and only the beginning of the cryptocurrency craze?

Let me start of by making a distinct distinction between a bubble and its’ demise vs the asset in the bubble. So, regarding Bitcoin, I am believer 100% in the financial technology sector and the top crypto currencies being used in them. But people, this is beyond insane with what is happening to the price of BTC!!! Of course this is a BUBBLE and as fast as it went up it will come down- which is extremely fast.

The Value and Power of Bitcoin

Yes, Bitcoin (BTC) is a very hot topic at the moment. Mainly because of the price movement it has had over the last 6 weeks with speculators now joining the game. But, I am going to give you other real and happening reasons why Bitcoin is valuable and powerful.

Digital Currencies: The Spotlight on the Writing on the Wall

Just as each day passes by in the financial markets with more and more investment opportunity signals, investors are passing along without noticing the spotlight on the wall. And the wall is the wall with the ‘Writing on the Wall’!


Currently, investors are being offered ‘opportunities’ to bet on the next financial crisis by the biggest of the biggest Wall St firms- Goldman Sachs. Does everyone remember the role they played in the Financial Crisis of all time? They came out smelling like roses while everyone else got pounded because Goldman was the one selling the ‘crap that collapsed’ to the markets. According to a recent article from Zero Hedge, Goldman Sachs is at it again- 10 years later! Investors can bet on the European banking crisis and failure via created TRS (Total Return Swap) securities.

Everyone Is Right!?!

That is correct- EVERYONE IS RIGHT and making money in the financial markets at the moment.  There was a brief moment last month where the US Markets started to pull back and slide a bit due to the rising nuclear war tension in Asia between the US and North Korea.

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