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What Is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know

It’s hard to imagine that invisible ones and zeros could turn into a tangible product, but the energy used to calculate mathematics can be transformed into coins — specifically, bitcoins. The reason cryptocurrency has made such a name for itself is that it has no regulation, no government interference, and it’s an encrypted way to receive money.

How to Handle an Enraged Customer?

At some point, you’re going to run into the public relations nightmare – the angry customer. While most will not cause you harm, it only takes one with a loud voice to start a snowball that can set your company back months, if not permanently. Properly handling the situation is key not only to keeping your company’s future secure, but to potentially saving client relationships.

Managing an Employee Who’s Older Than You

A manager, by definition, is in authority over their employees. A manager’s primary duty is to lead and guide those who serve under them. Usually, a manager is older than an employee. In these cases, the difference in age serves to reinforce a manager’s authority. However, sometimes a manager is years younger than the subordinate, which can present certain special challenges, potentially complicating the manager-employee relationship. A business leader should be prepared for such circumstances. Here are four tips for managers on dealing with an elder employee.

Eight Reasons Why Being Fired Can be Good for You

You just received those dreaded words that make you feel like you are living a real life nightmare; your boss has just told you, “you’re fired.” Your initial instinct is to panic because you have bills to pay, a family to feed, and no more paychecks coming for the foreseeable future. Losing your job is not the end of the world, and there are several reasons why losing your job can actually be a good for you.

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