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The Crypto Ride Is Just-Now About to Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and strap in, because the crypto show is about to begin!

All the hoopla and talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin having their ’15 minutes of fame’, and the ‘the bubble has burst’, is all garbage.  Yes, you heard me correctly – all garbage, 100% garbage!

There are several reasons for the steep decline that has taken place, further to the steep incline of Bitcoin’s value and other cryptocurrencies at the end of 2018.  I will shed some light on a few of those reasons below.

Euro: Part One

It’s been long awaited the economic recovery in the Euro Area. After years of political and economic struggle, light at the end of the tunnel emerges as a sign of salvation. What happened during the Euro sovereign crisis seems to many European leaders a nightmare that none of them want to talk about.

What Is Happening?!? Gold $1247/oz. BTC $14,788/coin

Is this a bubble? Or is this real and only the beginning of the cryptocurrency craze?

Let me start of by making a distinct distinction between a bubble and its’ demise vs the asset in the bubble. So, regarding Bitcoin, I am believer 100% in the financial technology sector and the top crypto currencies being used in them. But people, this is beyond insane with what is happening to the price of BTC!!! Of course this is a BUBBLE and as fast as it went up it will come down- which is extremely fast.

The Yield

What is the price of the euro-dollar pair right now? Is it overvalued or should you buy some on the spot? What about gold? Would its price increase soon? Add the above questions to the hundreds of questions finance professionals ask every day, and you still do not get a clear picture about trading in the financial markets. The thing is all the prices that are on your trading terminal are directly or indirectly affected by the yield of the U.S. debt.

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