Infographic – 10 Richest Traders Worldwide

Are you itching to know which traders scored the highest net worth this year? So were we! Well, further to scrutinizing research, we were able to chase them down and create a juicy list of the top 10 traders in the world. Did we pique your money-curiosity yet?

Although last year witnessed a significant drop since 2014, these rockstar traders were still able to move things around. So, without any further stalling, James Simons scored $18.5BN, followed by Ray Dalio at $17BN, Steven Cohen at $13BN, David Tepper at $11BN, Ken Griffin at $8.7BN, George Soros $8BN, David Shaw at $5.5BN, Andreas Halvorsen at $3.1BN, Larry Robbins at $2.3BN, and Bill Ackman came last at this race with a score of $1.3BN.

2018 Richest 10 Traders

Infographic by Amana Capital – Trusted Forex Broker


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